Laura Mvula Presents Action in Music


Action in Music celebrates the work of music teachers nationwide and aims to get more people involved in music making so they too can enjoy the satisfaction that comes with playing a beautifully expressive musical instrument. 

Casio, Classic FM and ABRSM encourage schools, music teachers, students and parents across the UK to nominate a music teacher who has had an outstanding impact on their own lives, or the output of their schools or institutions.

“It’s a pleasure to launch such a key initiative alongside Casio, Classic FM and ABRSM. Learning to play the piano with my music teacher from the age of eight played a huge part in developing my musical style and gave me the confidence to become the artist I am today. I learnt first hand the positive impact of having access to music, so I’m honoured to be a part of this collaboration.”

Laura Mvula, twice Mercury Award nominated singer and musician.